I bought an pad and the Unreal Music App. It works great -- BUT---- I find my laptop does a much better job for lyrics and note written music.

My reasons.

1-I use a note writing program and if I wish to make any changes all I do is the make the changes; which includes transposing and press save – done.

2-When I open a page with a written song; on that same page I can add up to 10 songs and retrieve them with one click (On that same page) each page can be written as a set of songs.

3-I do the same with lyrics – more than one song when I open a file – page down and I go to the next song.

4-I use the VanBasco program for midi, it fills my needs. My Pa800 can play midi or Mp3. VanBasco displays the lyrics in a full screen and I can change the Key, Tempo, and Volume of each song and place the changes into the memory. It also saves any track I want deleted.

5-I use an Excel sheet to display over a 120 songs many of which have 3 to 6 songs embedded. That’s well over 160 songs – just one click and I am there. I have 3 different Excel sheets for different venues.

John C