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It's all about portability with the Ipad. Most users are using it for email and surfing the net and now as ebook reader. You are correct in that for your needs there is nothing that you can do with an IPad or any other IOS or Android device that you could not do with a laptop (in my opinion). Hey, I don't work for Apple! I switched to a Macbook Pro in 2007 when someone showed me that Macs had the Intel chip and could run Windows applications. When my my main PC fried I got the IMac 27inch for heavy duty work. Still use that Macbook Pro but not as much as I used to. I have Windows XP Pro with Office on that machine and use it primarily for back up. I can sit in my living room with my IPad and control my TV with the darn thing! My wife just got the mini instead of KOBO and she just loves it! If I feel like Skyping someone I don't leave my chair to file up a desktop or laptop. Do the research as you always say do what works for you. Enjoy your tech!


Brian thanx for the opinions,.....I guess for "on the go" my Android Smart phone does it all for my needs,.......
check emails, text, internet, Facebook, Gps, games, Skype, etc, etc, but oin stage always my Lenovo Pc Notebook. The fact that Mac can run Pc programs intrigues me also that's a nice feature.