For years I avoided Apple because of the inability to run music apps I was used to and price.

I have had laptops, netbooks, and Musicpad Pro for leadsheets and audio backing tracks.

The MPP was good for lyrics, but heavy and clunky. The netbooks didn't have the audio quality of my ipad, the lyrics were too small, and I didn't like the looks of a clunky laptop between me and my audience.

My ipad is on an adapter threaded onto an Onstage mini boom attached to my stand. It swings and swivels to any position. I choose to sit high, and the audience barely sees it.

I use Unrealbook for leadsheets, and I can switch immediately to Karaoke Anywhere for the vocals I do from audio.

I consider myself very frugal as far as the price I pay for something. In this case, it pays to get the best, which is ipad.

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