Sure can - me

I use a Windows 7 DAW/General PC, a Windows 8 laptop tablet/hybrid and have done (used Microsoft OS software since DOS 2 smile )

I also tried Android for a few months with an Android tablet, and I found it buggy, unstable, SOOOOO easy to get infected apps, and the lack of music apps is marked...this is well known. Oh and it was a very recent Android OS, ICS in fact!!

Manufacturers are slow -VERY slow to provided Android OS updates (as in ICS to Jelly Bean for example) I know of several ICS Android tablet owners that have been told unequivocally there is NO Jelly Bean update being provided (big name tablet makers too).

I reiterate rather strongly that the ONLY attacks that can be made on iPad/ or iphone are for those idiots who Jailbreak.

For those who do not know, Jailbreaking is where you download and install a 3rd part iOS system that "breaks" all the security mesaures put in place by Apple on all software and apps.

An app needs to go through about 3 months of Apple factory testing before it is released to the store.

No such thin with Android. Write an app, fill it with malicious code and you can immediately list on the Google Play Store.

And they cover themselves with the ubiquitous "download at your own risk" laugh

Nah, Apple iOS is sop far ahead it is not funny...

Sorry Bill for disagreeing, but that's life smile