Years ago a friend helped me with PC problems. He said if I stayed with IBM compatible I'd have neighbors who could help me. He said if I got apple he could not help me and neither would neighbors be able to help out. He said I would have to pay "BIG" bucks for an Apple geek techie.

1. Is this still true? Cause I still don't have big bucks!!

2. I was just yesterday reading a comparison of "Kindle" Vs Ipad. It even claimed that "Kindle" had a much better Picture or what ever the technical term is.

3. Does Kimble indeed not do the things that Ipad does. I saw a friends Kindle yesterday and was impressed.

Hey, at least help me out here. It will still be a while for me, but I still enjoy doing research. I'm hep to the fact that some of these folks writing articles are probably being paid for a favorable review.

I'm the sort that believes that the Universities are getting paid by Folger's and the rest to tell folks to drink 6 cups of coffee a day because it fights against alzheimer's, cancer and a million other things because of the amino acids in coffee.

Most things today could be a lie. It's all about what the Bible calls "GREED."

I really would like to know about the Kindle Vs Ipad.
I'm not prejudiced, I hate everybody!! Ha ha! My Sister-In-Law had this tee shirt. She was a riot!!!