Hi Diki

Youíre at least 10 years out of date with your PC knowledge, as they just work without any problems these days. (Techs these days deal mostly with hardware problems)

NOTE: Just because you see adverts saying you need a tech to sort out your Windows software, doesnít mean that a problems exists, but they just try and make you believe it does. (Just like a mechanic will say you need something changed on your car, when it may not necessarily be required)

Over time people amass a boatload of programs that they never use, (Something Mac users seldom do as there is not much software available for them) and the computer slows down (As would a Mac if they had the same amount of software available) but if you uninstall what you donít need then you will be fine.

In addition most users of Windows can do virtually everything they want with free software, so they donít need to shell out big bucks on software (Unlike Mac users).

Also if you have a Windows machine you have got considerable more chance of interacting with others, as there are more about.

Finally that Macs donít get viruses and Malware etc. is like iPads donít get hacked, itís a total myth. (Just do a quick Google search if you donít believe me or better still talk to a proper tech)

BTW: Just because Apple says something, doesnít mean itís the truth about their products. (In spite of what most Apple users believe they are no different to any other manufacture)

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