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If you get a Mac, you don't NEED a tech geek! They just work...

I still have no virus programs, pop-up blockers or any of that PC stuff. 15+ years on broadband, not a single piece of malware yet.

Time Machine makes automatic backups a no brainer, they simply are the computer 'for the rest of us'.

Their included apps (full apps, not trialware that bugs you with popups even after you get the full program!) are designed so that you don't need to be a geek to use them.

And, push comes to shove, and you GOTS to run Windows programs, they will either run Windows in a shell inside OSX, or you can simply boot them up so they ARE a full Windows machine (there goes your security, mind you!). Two for the price of one...

Still waiting for Windows to be able to pull THAT trick off!

If Macs are so good why is it that the majority of computer users use PC?

Cost is one factor:

HP Desktop Starting at $549

Lowest Priced iMac Starts At $1299.

There's more reasons but I'm guessing a $700 plus price spread eliminates many buyers. You can buy 2 Hp Desktops for the price of one iMac.

Apple laptops are pricey too, but it's quality all the way.