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FWIW, I also am using a Galaxy Note II smart phone that runs Android and has a 5.5 inch screen very cool device and would not go back to an iPhone as this point. I love Apple products but this Andorid has it's pluses.

I love the idea of having a large screen but it seems that would be a ridiculous size to carry in my jeans pocket. And I am usually in jeans. What about the size? Do you think your phone is superior to iPhone5?

Bill, I picked up the Note II knowing that if I didn't work out Verizon has a 14 day return policy and I could go back to my iPhone 4s. I thought phone could be too big for the pockets in jeans. I knew the casual pants I wear at work would be fine. No problem at all fitting in the jeans pocket. It's great with a large screen, the iPhone now seems like a dwarf in comparison.

check this you tube video:

No I don't think it's one is superior to the other, I got tired of the same OS after having an iPhone for 3 years, I wanted a change. My wife wouldn't switch to Android if I gave her money to switch, she likes the iPhones ease of use, it is more user friendly than Android. They are both great devices, just personal preference at this point.

Bernie, very well said!

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