Hi Kevin,
thats good news that the GW7 convertor works.
I've also recently upgraded to pt11.

Let me know how you go with EMC demo.

best wishes

Originally posted by Kevin Woolley:

Firstly the GW-7 converter does work, so I do now have an avenue for making new styles. I also have recently purchased PowerTracks 11 from PGMusic and will try that out also. Any

The EXR-7 seems to play any Roland Style file I care to throw at it! I recently downloaded some tweaked G-70 styles from somewhere and they worked a treat. Some had some funnies going on in them - g-70 specific features I suppose - but the majority worked flawlessly and sounded great.

I have the EMC demo software but will have to install it to find out if I can demo styles on the computer. I remember getting a freebie version for the PA80 (even with a reg key).

Will keep you informed.

Kevin Woolley
best wishes
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