Hi Scott,
I'm fairly familiar with OMB,
I haven't used Livestyler mainly because both programs use the psr .sty format, and I find OMB handier because it's an all in one program in that
I can edit the styles,
it's got a basic sequencer
it has an arranger window (similiar to BIAB where you drag n drop chords & style parts to create an arrangement)
etc etc
basically it saves me having to use numerous individual programs.

Not sure whether you're reffering Jammer Live ( realtime arranger) or Jammer Pro. I actually have both.
I was using using Jammer Live in the early days, but it didn't have a huge stylebase, so I ended up concentrating on OMB.
I may check into at again though, as the new version of Jammer Pro (6), has some great new style creation functions including creating styles from midifiles.
I believe that Jammer pro 6 styles can be used in Jammer Live ( though not in their entirety). If that's the case I'll get more involved with Jammer Live again.

I beleive some members may already be gigging with a laptop & controller.

It will be great when the softsynths catch up to the requirements of the realtime arranger players needs.
At the moment most of the software samplers etc are geared towards the musician who sequences , rather than a player who uses it in realtime.
Options for "style parts" at the moment are
Hypersonic 2
Bandstand?? (Have to check with Frank on that one.)
There's maybe more that I'm not aware of.
For the melody part you can use a higher quality sampler. ( personally I haven't explored past the soundfonts yet)

Maybe one day, one of the manufacturers will create an all in one package, softsynth , styles & realtime arranger program.

At this stage we're still pretty much stuck with tweaking styles individually. There again, anyone using a converted style usually has to tweak it also.

best wishes

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best wishes
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