Originally posted by Nigel:

Huh, did you say something ??? I really am so sorry Vquestor. I don't intentionally ignore anyone. You just need to get my attention and sometimes I can miss the occasional posting. Rikki just sent me a direct email and asked me if it was possible. That's pretty much all it takes. I'm a pushover for a request. If you ever email and I don't respond it is usually because my spam filter has eaten it so if that doesn't work it is always worth trying me a second time. This website is only here for all of you to use however you want. I'll always consider a reasonable request and try to answer you one way or the other.

No problem Nigel. I had suggested it in a post a while back, but had not emailed you
directly. I can't remember if it was a separate topic or part of a thread.
(BTW, in the past, I had requested an oriental arranger forum, which you were kind enough to give us.)
Thanks again.