Hi Rick,
EMC have demo's, maybe you'd be able to listen to your styles via the demo version??
I don't want load it into my p.c. as I own the full version & I may mess something up. I don't want to have to get pin no's
Don't know whether it will work, but may be worth a try. http://www.emc-musicsoftware.de/viashop/storefront/start.asp?

For sounds, if you have a creative soundcard like audigy, or sblive you could use soundfonts.

Roland have a soundcanvas softsynth, but it's not available on it's own. It comes as a freebie with some of the software packages, or you can purhase it, if you buy something like powertracks sequencer..

It's always a good idea to check out the bundled packages before buying.

I recently added 4 new style sets & 2 new melodists to my BIAB.
Cost $29 each
Bundled $59 for all 6 plus extra software programs.

best wishes
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best wishes
Rikki 🧸

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