Hello Bernie
Did you purchase the full version of Kontakt 2 or the upgrade version? (The upgrade version can be added to any soft synth that uses the Kontakt Player, such as Colossus)
If it was the upgrade, did it come with all the standard Kontakt 2 sounds, or just the interface?
You dont say whether you are using B4 or B4II, however if you are using B4II then you can use the learn function to assign any button of your Midi control keyboard (Assuming it outputs midi codes) to any controls that are visible down the left hand side of the B4. (If you also have assignable sliders then these can also be mapped to the B4II Drawbars for real-time control)
Finally welcome to the forum, as we seem to be getting quite a wide range of uses on here. I.e. People that use controller keyboards and computers, Hardware soft synth controllers and Computer based Arranger Keyboard uses.

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