Hi Kevin,
Style Factory is also available for individual brands ie Roland, Korg etc not sure whether you're quoting the universal version ?? either way, when converted to some currencies, it's a lot of money.

Did the Roland GW7 convertor work for your keyboard or is it specific to the GW7?
I don't have a Roland keyboard to try it on.
My understanding was, the software could be used to create a "style from a midifile"??

That's what I luv about OMB. It can actually store phrases ( tracks)
& parts (variations, intro's etc)
to create a library ( similar to what Style Factory does) but the phrases have to be in psr .sty format and the styles you create from them, again only in psr .sty format.

If the GW7 midi to style convertor works with your keyboard, you could create the style in OMB,
create a midifile from that OMB style
and convert OMB midifile with GW7 convertor.

I used to use the above procedure to convert psr styles to midifile for my technics.

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Originally posted by Kevin Woolley:
Hi Rikki & Scott

It is a great pity that Style Factory is so expensive. You have to remember that $250 in our currency is equivalent to nearly R2000 which is a considerable amount - especially for a program that is not in constant use.

If I could find the Roland style file format then I would have a look at programming some sort of style creation program. It could also have a preview function. Maybe it is something even Jos could look at for OMB.


best wishes
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