Firstly the GW-7 converter does work, so I do now have an avenue for making new styles. I actually use an old version of Cakewalk for this because of part markers etc. I prefer the older versions for working with midi files. I also have recently purchased PowerTracks 11 from PGMusic and will try that out also. I now have so many sequencers to use but for my recording studio I always use Cubase SX. I have tried mixing some of my professional recording projects in the lower priced and free sequencers and - you'd be hard pressed to say which was mixed in which program! The main difference between sequencers is work-flow and ease of use combined with flexibility. Some of the free programs have the same flexibility as the $400 ones. Anyway I digress!

The EXR-7 seems to play any Roland Style file I care to throw at it! I recently downloaded some tweaked G-70 styles from somewhere and they worked a treat. Some had some funnies going on in them - g-70 specific features I suppose - but the majority worked flawlessly and sounded great.

I have the EMC demo software but will have to install it to find out if I can demo styles on the computer. I remember getting a freebie version for the PA80 (even with a reg key).

Will keep you informed.

Kevin Woolley