Hi Rikki

This is really great news!! Especially since I have just recently downloaded OMB, Live Styler and Jammer whatever a few days ago.

I already have questions and I'm thinking, I wish there was someplace where I could ask all of these related novice questions. It is with pleasure to see this forum open up and with you being able to contribute your vast knowledge of this seemingly mysterious side of music to a guy from the old school.

So, thanx Nigel and Rikki.

I am still thinking that one day I can go to a gig with my laptop (when I get one) and a 7 pound contoller keyboard and be able to confidently do a gig easily and have it sound as good as or better than say my Tyros 2 Am I dreaming? I don't think so. BUT it sounds like a lot of work. But maybe once I undertand all of this which is like Greek to me now maybe it won't be as hard to do as it seems now.

First question. From what I have gathered, it seems that everyone is tweaking each style seperately. Is there some way one can set up kind of a template of instrument choices and setting for each type/genre of music and then just need only a few tweaked settings? LIke maybe one setting for country, one for big band, latin, etc, etc, and be able to use it on any number of the same genre style.

Unless I missed it, it seems like this doesn't exist. If it doesn't I would think Jos or Norbert could add this genre/style template feature.


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