Hi Scott,
I might be overly fussy, plus I use a limited amount of styles. I only tweak the ones I need. I've got 100's I've collected over the years but I wouldn't use a fraction of them. I have some favourites, and if they don't work for a particular song, then I go thru the collection till I find one that does & tweak it.

I quite like the concept of having some basic styles & varying them.
OMB for instance, gives you the option of saving individual tracks ie drums, bass, guitar , strings etc

You could actually build up a bit of a library & use these tracks to vary other styles or create totally new ones.
You also have the option of saving complete parts ie intro's , endings, fills & variations. If you have a basic style that works, instead of using the same Intro or Ending , over & over for different songs, just import a new one.

Sounds like a fair bit of work, but once you've done it , you don't lose it.
Unlike with an arranger keyboard, a new model comes out, people usually sell the old one, to buy the new one . The old styles / sequences don't always sound the same on the new keyboard.

With softsynths, you can afford to keep adding to your collection. Any editing or work you've done , doesn't neccesarily become redundent when they create a better product.

Technics closing, gave me a bit of a shock. All of a sudden I wouldn't be able to replace my keyboard if something went wrong. All the work on styles etc I'd done over the years was wasted.

I think I prefer to put my effort into something that can last. I just move my software from computer to computer.

I do have an SD1. Lovely keyboard. I've worked out how style creation functions etc work, but I don't know how long I'll end up keeping it , so I think I'm better off putting my style creation efforts into my software arranger , instead.
best wishes

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best wishes
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