Hi Everyone !

Just checking in to say I am happy we have a home of our own. KVR forum, and the like, are grear sources of information, but it is like going to a huge church, you don't know anyone.
For those that don't know me, I play out with a Technics KN7000, but knowing that all hardware breaks down, and,or, becomes dated, I have begun the software route. I am using a Muse Receptor, loaded with Colossus, B4 organ, and just received Kontakt2, as well as a myriad of effects and synyths that came with it.

Since I am 65, I am going the sample route. I really can't get into experimental electronic music.

I am trying to learn this new approach, and it will take time, but it is a great adventure.

Thank you, Nigel and all
pa4X 76 ,SX900, Audya 76,Yamaha S970 , vArranger, Hammond SK1, Ketron SD40, Centerpoint Space Station, Bose compact