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WOW...I wish somene around here would do the clinics like you are having in your area.
It would be fun! It wouls be great to go to them to meeet locals with similar interests and maybe even visit one a nothers homes etc.

Sweetwater sound is 20 minuts from me and they do a lot of Guitar stuff...but not much keyboard. Once a year they have gearfest and the mfgs do come...Last one Korg and Roland were there with everything including arrangers..Yamaha didn't even bring a T3...only Motif!

Non of the sales folks at Sweetwater know th arrangers and do not demo them. Afer all they are PRO audio and arrangers are not typically used in live music on stage (Rock Groups)

Damn it's boring around here!

Ian...want to move to Indiana??
Lee S.

You won;t find Tyros at GuitarCenters anymore either. Only Yamaha CVP and Piano dealers
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