Originally posted by ianmcnll:
Generating interest, good presentation and follow-up is what sells arrangers.


Got little to do with sound, capability, and size...

When 'generating interest, good presentation and follow-up' was applied to home organs, the same kinds of people happily bought 600 lbs. behemoths that NEVER got moved. When it is applied to 'piano-based arrangers' (your definition, not mine!), people are happy to play big heavy 88-based arrangers.

In YOUR area, it is being applied so 61 note arrangers, but, with your talent, if it was being applied to just about any OTHER variant of keyboard, you would be saying whatever you sold was the OBVIOUS thing that company should be making...

I am sure you could sell refrigerators to the Inuit, but that wouldn't necessarily prove that that's what they NEED the most!
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!