Most of the independent and chain music stores in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. put on clinics for every type and brand of instrument made. I've seen advertisements for drum clinics, guitar clinics, keyboard clinics, you name the instrument, and there has been an in-store clinic put on during the past couple years. And, in every case, there's usually a pro player that is sponsored by a manufacturer.

The clinics usually feature not only demonstrations of how a particular instrument performs, but additionally, technical tips that often apply to any brand. I saw a guy in a local music store showing young brass players how to properly clean their instruments without damaging the pads. He also demonstrated the proper way to install reeds and showed them ways to check valve contact with the valve seats.

Guitar clinics are very frequent in this part of the world--often once a month. Martin, Fender, Yamaha and others put on incredible in-store demonstrations showing proper ways to tune guitars so they didn't go out of tune so often, ways to protect strings from corrosion, neck adjustment, you name it.

Lots of younger folks attending, and sometimes they're accompanied by some old farts like me. I think the reason they bring the old farts, though, is because they are the ones with the money.


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