The way I see it is there is likely a $1500 spread between a used T3 and a new T4. Many will upgrade to the T4 just as the T3 outsold the T2. I think Yamaha feels that a three year upgrade cycle places too much of a financial gap between upgrades. A T2 to T4 would be quite a stretch. The additional features may or not be worth the $1500. But if one can afford a $4000 toy or tool they can afford a new one for $1500 or so every two years,

I do this with DAW software. I upgrade every other year because the price is the same. Only I cannot sell my old version. So for $150 I get the new $500 version (which in reality contains many extras and softsynths samplers etc anyway wirth the UG price.

When I finally see the official dealer -10% price I will subtract $500 and someone will get a slamming deal on a T3. In fact anyone who would be in the market for a 910 would be foolish to pass on a T3 for a few hundred more. and I would be foolish not to buy a T4 for a few hundred more than that.

I won;t so the same with the Motif because The Tyros covers based the new Motif has. As well the Motif XS will be getting most of the Software upgrades of the XS, Yamaha wants to make a show of supporting legacy products.

The T4 is worth a look for anyone who is interested. I am disappointed Yamaha added an XLR port but no Phantom power. That is kind of foolish but the European market was asking for this $3 upgrade...LOL. I plugged an SM58 into mine and it sounded just fine with the hi impedance jack.....Yamaha got off easy on that. I would have also liked to see 8 audio tracks of on board recording with the massive HDs available......but still only two and still no direct to USB recording to my knowledge. The flash ROM (from the XF) is a great idea.

I use mine solely at home. It has never seen the light of day outside the house and I have the mike and preamp covered...but I think they should have offered the opportunity to plug an Beta 87 into the thing for live use.
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