Originally posted by Diki:
And aren't you ECSTATIC about that, Ian..?!

Not really Diki, but I am serene.

I go with the flow, one day at a time.

I know you're having a difficult time accepting Yamaha's decision to remain at 5 octaves, and I am sympathetic, but I am also realistic, and I hope you realize that no amount of your hooping and hollering, or badgering will change the company's policy or direction.

If you must do some soapboxing, why not start a campaign to force Roland into making a replacement for the elderly G-70?

You, by your own admission, aren't exactly enamored with Yamaha's smooth detailed sound, so why not crusade the company whose arrangers you like and support?

It's simply awful seeing you so frustrated over a company whose products you don't even like.


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