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I have to disagree on this. There is no such thing as a "LOYAL user". If a competitor has the same product or better product with better service or more importantly a better price, they would switch in a heartbeat. There are countless studies and research on brand loyalty; that is the HOLY GRAIL of the sales and marketing industry.

I agree and that is why Yamaha takes care of their OWN first. Yamaha has not had a serious "competitor" in years and they do just enough to keep it that way. Those studies apparently did not take into account Yamaha RAISED prices last year while Korg LOWERED prices by far more. Of course people will seek the best and you prove my point. TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN and give them no reason to switch. for everyone who leaves Yamaha another likely two go to Yamaha. You build loyalty buy providing what YOUR customers want. Not what some guy using an old Roland wants....or someone who loves their Audya or PA2x. They made their choices. you cannot have everyone on your side so you take care of those who are there already first.

They know they would sell more Tyros to those playing other brands "if only they had 76 keys" and yet still ignore that fact. because their own surveyed user base are not asking for it. They are not asking for metal casing. They do want a light keyboard to carry around and at home they likely have CVPs, XS8 or CP300s for the 88 weighted keys.

Home users have more than one keyboard in the house. I sell 900s to CVP owners routinely because they have Winter homes here and miss their CVP. LOL

You serve YOUR customers first THEN you seek more. No one has the customer support Yamaha has. No company is as customer centric as Yamaha. Yamaha is the only company that actually makes most of the instruments they sample!! They know what a piano is. This I have learned since working in an environment where Roland and Korg are vendors and yet there are no Roland keyboards and one Korg M50 and a Korg PA500 sat for more than that while MM6,MO and all the Yamaha arrangers are turned over. Needless to say A smart store owner carries what they sell more of. Yamaha supports the products by sending Baartmans and Product specialists and clinics to the stores. Roland and Korg send sales personnel touting the benefits of the M3 and Fantom both of which have their loyal albeit smaller user groups. I was a Kork loyalist for years. M1, Triton.....so much so I paid $1000 more for a Korg bought from Frank before we were dealers, than a new T3 would have cost me.I had the PA2x....before the Tyros for a month or so and did not like the "raw live" sound. I preferred the quality of output on the Tyros. I even paid $1000 more for the Korg PA2X because we were not Korg dealers than. But I was playing a Tyros 2 at the store then coming home to the Korg....I sold the Korg and bought the T 3. and the XS8. Now I will buy the T4 and keep the X8 beast because Yamaha will support it with FW from the XF .

People who do not use Yamaha seem to have a disdain for the product and Yamaha's success. Yamaha would see that clearly reading this forum. They have 47% of the WS market and who knows how much of the TTL Arranger market worldwide. They need to keep those numbers up and the way to do that is take care of your own and others will follow. Clinics..Clinics.. From what I read in this very forum. Non Yamaha users have little to say good about them whether its the key count or drums, or the over processed, weak dynamic range, slick mixes.
However Many MORE Yamaha users buy then FOR those very reasons.

Some will never see the value. Some including myself think the 900 is too good in relation to the Tyros..LOL But Yamaha will sell truckloads of the Tyros 4 to those who will sell their Tyros 3s for as little as $250 more than a new 910. Anyone looking for a 910 would be foolish not to take that deal if they could find it.

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