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What are these Clinics? We have nothing here they call that...is it marketing, music lessons, how to??
Lee S.

Clinics are set up at the local store in town...I bring in a Tyros, PSR-S-series, and sometimes use a CVP that is in store stock.

The instrument's displays are put up on a larger screen, and questions on the instruments are invited, and I usually give a style editing tutorial.

Demos are usually just me playing and showcasing features, a bit like what Martin Harris does (although he plays much better than I) on YouTube.

I generally have a singer or two present to showcase the vocal harmony...sometimes it turns into a Karaoke session for a while...it's all presented with humor, detail and fun...fun being the most important aspect.

Sometimes we'll combine the two with the clinic following the demo, and sometimes we set everything up in a church hall, or auditorium to show how the Stagepas perform.

I was trained many years ago by Claude Dupras when we were still selling Electone, and I modified the format for arranger keyboards.


PS...I should mention I spend an evening with the staff, or the keyboard persons, and we go through demo techniques...lots of times I learn quite a bit from them.

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