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Ah...Marketing....you go to the shop to assist in selling instruments.

OK, I see...and that is great as it does sell instruments.

After listening to your work over the last few years and your detailed knowledge...it's no wander that Yamaha sells lots up there in your neck of the woods.

If you were doing the same using Korg PA's there would be lot's of sales of those.

The Clinics are what is MISSING most places, and when the stores here stopped doing them with organs...that was the end of the era.

How many people typiclly show up?
What age group?

Lee S.

Yes, I suppose it is "marketing", but it sure is fun, it generates a lot of interest...even the "other" brand arrangers being sold in the store benefit.

The sales staff get a good idea how to showcase an arranger, and many times, I have learned more than a few tricks from them.

I did the same type work for Roland using the E-series, especially the E-70...I met Luigi Bruti, who was doing the launch of the E-70...he is a fantastic accordion player, and he even had an accordion midi'd to the E-70...Flight of the Bumblebee was one of his demo tunes, if I recall. Awesome!

He may still work for them.

Clinics usually attract about 25-50 people, mostly between the ages of 40 and 70, although there are sometimes quite a few outside that range.

Clients are generally retired, good pensions, former players (accordion, organ, synth, piano) and are generally advanced home players wanting something to do to enjoy their spare time.

I also get quite a few guitar players, usually pros, that want a midi orchestra, but want to make their own SMF...a few are song writers, and the styles really help doing quick, but full, demos.

One guy I sold an S910 to last year, is a fiddle player.

I do the four Atlantic provinces.

I have never played a Korg arranger...well, to be fair, I did play one of the old 61 key I-series many years ago...I remember it had a great sax sound, and the styles could be re-voiced very quickly...you could have a rock band doing a big band style, for instance.

Generating interest, good presentation and follow-up is what sells arrangers.

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