fellas we can disagree without fighting. They say necessity is the mother of invention. When someone aqcuires an arranger keyboard and uses it as their sole instrument (possibly because they cannot afford to trade up ) then you will see what can be done with an arranger.

Right now you think like wealthy westerners who can and do change keyboards at the drop of a hat and who have access at a whim to any musical instruments you want. Not everyone is like that . My point is theorectical because most of you dont hold onto your instrument even long enough to explore the possibilities. But if you had no choice then you would see what i see.

and Diki so that you dont miss the point again . I said before 'All it needs is someone to genuinely get under the hood and discover how its unique features could be utilised in modern music. But it wont happen anytime soon because the people that own arrangers change them everytime a new one comes out every 2-3 years never appreciating what they had or fully understanding what could have been done with their existing keyboard. '

If you did not have th choice you curently have , you would understand my point.

Anyway i will leave it at that. A closed mind is such a waste.

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