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[B]as usual Diki you miss the point completely.

Just as an example . Jordan Rudess has a korg oasys keyboard. The manufacturer put on it stock sounds and arpegiators for everyone to use as thy choose. But do most players use the Oasys the way he does ? He uses the instrument in an almost completly inovative way configuring the keyboard to trigger samples as he plays complex left and right hand melodies . He samples his own sounds and creates patterns that accompany the songs he plays. The sounds that he has been given in the intrument are just the basic palet that he then tears apart and reconstructs to his tastes .

If you or anyone were to think outside of the suggestions that the manufacturer has given in terms of the basic pallet of styles and sounds and chord variations provided on an arranger keyboard and actually spend 6-8 hours a day playing the instrument and exploring how you could apply the technology musically and being creative with the registrations and live performance tools available to you , perhaps even programming your own styles on the instrument you could not fail become expert and indeed a virtuoso on an arranger keyboard or any other electronic instrument.

You confuse the reality of what is now with what could be ! Before the finger style playing of the guitar that has emerged over the last 30 years or so musicians did not imagine that a simple guitar could be used the way it is being used now . But some musicians who just could not and would not be limited by what they saw and heard from other people and had a hunger for more developed inovative and ceatives ways to make that instrument produce new sounds and new ways of creating sound in a musical and skilled way. i gaurantee you that in another 30 years someone else will develope another technique or style on the same guitar. What i am saying is that i foresee some musician who gets a hold of an arranger and who sees the potential of the instrument and is willing to commit to the instrument will do stuff with it that both you and i and even the manufacture did not foresee .

The people demonstrating arrangers and playing them currently for their own reasons work within the suggestions given to them from the manufacturers but thats not because of the limitations of the instrument.

Click on the Tyros 3 demo and imagine what you could do with an arranger if you opened your mind.