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A guitar is a musical instrument. An arranger is a semi-automatic jukebox, conceived and produced solely for the purpose of allowing non-accomplished home players to enjoy the process of (believing that they are) making music. Arranger KB's will NEVER, EVER be accepted by the music community (professional and educational) as a legitimate musical instrument. Like it or not, those are the facts. No matter how bellicose, belligerent, and defensive it's fan base gets, those facts are never going to change. Of course, that's assuming it's being used for it's design purpose. A Steinway Grand looks great in the 'parlor', but it's design purpose is not to be a piece of furniture, but a musical instrument.

I think those arranger players on this board who are truly proficient on 'legitimate' (traditional) instruments (piano, organ, guitar, violin, juice harp, etc.), will agree. Of course, none of this invalidates it's use in a OMB act whose primary focus is entertaining....by any means necessary. In fact, depending on your audience, it may be the best choice. But calling a professional quality musical performance on a beautiful and challenging musical instrument "BORING' while championing the 'artistry' of a bunch of canned styles created by someone other than the performing 'artist', is just plain .....well, you fill in the blank.



wow you finally woke up and post again and the ego purist attitude shines right thru...Bravo!!! nothing changes! btw what does all this have to do with
Igor Presnyakov?

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