Let me be a little clearer, then... when you play an instrument that 99% of what the audience hears is NOT YOU....

What kind of heart can you put into that remaining 1%?

Having to play with an ignoramus robot will suck the life out of you every time. There is so little, if ANY inspiring arranger music because the backings themselves lack inspiration. This is why there's such a move towards audio playing arrangers. Obviously, MIDI playing arrangers have hit their limits, at least as far as what the manufacturers are WILLING to put in them (I still believe there is HUGE room for improvement without going to audio, but no manufacturer is taking it seriously). Sadly, of course, while the audio playing arranger SOUNDS better, it lacks any flexibility at all, and any ease of customizing the styles to suit you (a loop is a loop, is a loop), and, to be honest, STILL doesn't really address the issue of intelligent wrap-around, or voice leading or just plain robot stupidity.

And, sorry, but if there WERE anything going on creatively in the arranger world, we would have all heard it by now. You can try to lecture me all you want, spalding, but you have to provide at least SOME example to make your position. Or you can as easily take the position that banging two rocks together could be CALLED 'creative'... but no-one wants to listen to it! Perhaps you can explain, if it is ENTIRELY in the hands of the player, why NO creative musician plays an arranger..?

Personally, I believe that any creative musician wants to work with OTHER creative musicians, not a robot.

You may feel differently, though....
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!