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btw what does all this have to do with
Igor Presnyakov?

Everything. I was contrasting a guy who can actually play to your average half-assed singer who accompanies himself all night playing three-finger chords on an arranger, all in the key of C, and imagines himself a "pro". Also, I'd think you'd be the very LAST person on earth to bring up the subject of ego. In fact, there should be some kind of law, whereby your ego is not allowed to grow beyond your playing ability.

Here's my take. Musicians are usually looking for qualities in their instrument like 'sweetness of tone', character, playability; things that allow you to play MORE, while most (BUT NOT ALL) arranger players are usually looking for more and more 'features' that allow them to play LESS (sequencers, dual MP3 players, vocalizers (so even their singing can't be recognized), arpeggiators, loopers, and the list goes on. Here's another clue. Many arranger players profess to prefer playing alone as opposed to with other musicians. Hardly any musician feels that way. There may be economic considerations but as a pure preference..........no way.

The truth may be unpopular, but it is what it is.

"There is none so blind as he that WILL not see" (SOMETIMES the Bible is right).

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Oh, and BBBB, I don't consider Rory an arranger player, but a very talented musician who likes to play around with one. I've heard a number of his tracks, including video, and I don't recall any of them featuring an arranger. Wonder why? Heck, if he would only use an arranger, he could probably sound almost as good as ......Donny.
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