Hi Spalding
The question you have to ask is;
Why would anyone bother to get stuck into a pre-set instrument with limited capabilities, (Effectively what an Arranger Keyboard is) when there are Workstations and other instruments out there that will allow them to do a 1000 times more than the typical Arranger, with only a fraction of the effort.
The answer is;
They wouldnt

As I have said previously, the Arranger keyboard was designed solely for the Home Hobby player, (An Arranger keyboard is just a spin off from the easy play organs of the 70s & 80s) who has little time to practice, but enjoys pressing a few buttons to transport themselves into another world, so as to get away from all the stresses in life. (Going in-depth is the last thing on their minds)

Yamaha is the leader here, for the simple reason its easy to operate, and has a massive style and pre-set database. (Whatever you want to play, the chances are there is a style/Pre-set already out there)

As I said before, you may not like the above, but those I am afraid are the facts.

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