You really dont know much about creativity at all Diki. Its not the instrument, its the limitation in terms of imagination and creativity of the player that is stalling arranger keyboards from being used as the go to keyboard instrument instead of the hobbyists instrument that it is currently.

If any musician spent 6-8 hours a day on any instrument including an arranger i know they would come up with inovative ways of using it that would blow your socks off. But unfortunately the arranger has been pigeon holed into purely a one man band instrument (which is certainly not its sole purpose) or a hobbyists instrument which again the top of the range arrangers are much more than that. All it needs is someone to genuinely get under the hood and discover how its unique features could be utilised in moden music. But it wont happen anytrime soon because the people that own arrangers change them everytime a new one comes out every 2-3 years never appreciating what they had or fully understanding what could have been done with their existing keyboard.

we dont need anymore bangs and whistle on our arrangers. We just ned to know how to use the arsenal we already have appropriately