I think the difference between Tommy and Silvain is that Silvain plays interpretive jazz, and Tommy Emmanuel plays spectacular versions of very recognizable songs, with a healthy, fun entertainment flair.

Sylvain is a monster, but I'd put him in the Tuck Andress class. Can't really compare the two, given the different styles they play.

I like Sylvain's technique and interpretations better, but ya gotta give it to Emmanuel on the entertainment front.

Sylvain and Bireli (another player I wasn't familiar with) are messing with the tune (Isn't She Lovely), and that's GREAT. Sylvain plays one of my favorite guitars in my collection, a Godin Multiac nylon string, and Bireli plays an L-5 size Gibson with a single pick-up (various ones). Again, one of my favorite guitar brands and design. I mostly have two-pick-up L-5's.

Bireli plays a fretless bass on another YouTube piece that would make Jaco proud.

There's a kid from Lexington...Ben Lacey, who now works lots of booths at NAMM and demos for lots of folks making a name for himself, too.

Just goes to show that there is an up and coming crop of superior players (my friend Rory included) to keep outstanding music alive!

And that's GREAT!