There are always those that disagree just because they hold a grudge...

Diki makes some very good points and a lot of sense.

Let me see (hear) how expressive or creative one can be playing along a style vs. a drummer.

Now who said that playing a B3 is boring because it's always the same? And playing along a style is not always the same?

Thank goodness it's the purists that keep on making good music. Thank goodness it's the purists that play and explore instruments in ways never though possible or imaginable. If that's not being creative than what is? Thank goodness that to a purist it's all about music first. Purists have probably the most loyal fans one can wish for.

So where's the Jimmy Smith or Tommy Emmanuel of the arranger keyboard?

Diki, I'm glad you're back. At least I mean it.


Bo pen nyang.

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We STILL live in a time where 90% of people decide what the truth is according to their feelings. Those are the ones who don't bother with the inconvenience of having personal supported explanations for their claims.