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this guy is just off the charts

The reason why arranger players struggle to get to this level of creativity is because they are always looking for the next technological break through in keyboards rather than just loving making music and developing their skills to make even greater music. this guy loves making music and it is clear that he gets a greater kick out of the music than even his audiebce.

Right on, Spalding. No matter what most may post here, it seems they're more into new gear than into making music. They'll start debating the Tyros 5 as soon as the T4 is out. Well, first the forum goes into a slump till they hear a new board is coming out. Then speculation season starts.

As for me, I am not a technically inclined person so all these new gadgets don't mean much to me. I prefer to hit the ON-button and just play. Are no SA voices or whatever they're called elsewhere going to turn me into a better player.

To me an arranger is a make-believe instrument. It may sound great to a number of people but will never compare to the real instruments it's trying to emulate. Neither will it impress a guitar player, trumpet player, drummer, etc. The complexities of a guitar, trumpet, violin, etc. can and never will be emulated on a keyboard. It's simply impossible. So far the B3 has never been really successfully cloned and shouldn't that be easier than a guitar, trumpet or violin? So it all comes down to make-believe. Close to some ears but light years away from the real thing. There'll never be a philharmonic arranger keyboard orchestra.


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