did you try it as a right click
"save target as"
if you do get it working, also download
Advance Edit Manual,
it's the info on sound editing,
sampling &
"Groove" files.
Just in case you don't know what these are,
you load an audio drum sequence (wav), it splits it, you can then save it as a drumkit ( haven't tried that)
or you can use the audio file as a drum track in a style or assign it to a multipad.
I've only tried it with a few swish brush files. I don't want to keep loading & deleting audio files, the PA800 only has 64mb's memory ( not upradeable) The pa2x memory can be upgraded.

If you don't have any luck downloading PA800 manual, maybe try PA2x.
There's a comparison list of PA2X & PA800.
Basically styles are the same, PA2X just has a few extra goodies, extra sliders, expandable memory, mp3 recorder ( optional in PA800) 76 keys.

best wishes

Originally posted by arranger_yes_pc_no:
thanks,but I can't seem to download it....I have actually tried before writing my post,sorry about the confusion
best wishes
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