if I understand correctly, what you're hoping to do is, use the keyboard to record your composition ( using styles??) then use sd2 as soundsource for the final recording?? instead of using the keyboards internal sounds, even for the style tracks?

The sd2 won't play back the psr drum tracks 100% correctly without remapping some of them, velocity of certain drum types may need adjusting also. If you download the Technical data manuals & do a comparison of the drum maps , you'll see what I mean.
Mainly the drum notes below note 35( bass drum). GM & XG differs, and a number of psr styles use these drums.

I was actually midi-ing the sd2 to my psr in style play mode, not in sequencer mode.
Do a thorough check of the midi specs in sequencer mode . I've never used the sequencer, maybe the options in sequencer mode are better than in style mode.

Either way, if you're hoping to just get on with composing & not having to tweak sounds & remap drums etc, ( for the style tracks )you'd really be better off buying a keyboard with sounds & styles you like & get on with your composing.

I've spent a bit of time converting some of my psr styles across to korg format( from a midi file), & discovered some of the pitfalls.

best wishes

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best wishes
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