Hi Rikki,

I totally agree about module arrangers! I am a module arranger guy,even wrote to Roland a while ago asking to do some full-flight module arranger.

The Genesys is great,too bad that the company closed,as I would have liked to see more updates for the system. It has a fantastic screen and I am really LOVING the immediacy of hardware again: you just turn it on and get on with your stuff. You don't have to kill yourself with always new problems.

I understand what you said about your laptop dying and from then on everything started to go bad with the setup. That's exactly what happened to me: I have changed system (to a better one),reinstalled everything, and nothing seemed to work anymore! Just mental...they give problems suddenly,for no apparent reason.

I am 36 and just can't afford to live the rest of my life solving silly PC problems.

Genesys: welcome in my life! You are a Genesis for me indeed,lol

Thanks Rikki for mentioning the GEM forums,good idea. Best wishes,Salvo