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Just a thought
Instead of moving the computer into the background, have you thought of trying Livestyler http://www.live-styler.de/home/ which will give all the arranger functions with all your existing sounds.


Hi Abacus,yes it's an interesting program,but for that I already have One Man Band, which I think is better because it has a sequencer as well. Regardless,the solution is not getting another program,but to change approach entirely. Just to give an idea, I have tried again yesterday to compose with the PC and fired up One Man Band. I went into Sequencer mode,recorded,and what happened? Only the backing track was recorded,not the main melody that I played.

I didn't even bother to write emails,log into forums,ask people why OMB would not record the main part,etc,as it would take me another bunch of hours,not to mention the energy....

And I bet that if I even take 3 hours and fix that problem,another problem will appear.
Goliath is great,yeah,but only the sounds are great. The program is terrible. it's not a stable program at all. It frequently causes Reaper to crash. The support staff is useless. In fact,I bought it merely because Eastwest were doing a 'buy 1 get 1 free' promotion,so I got Symphony Orchestra Gold for free. So I would not say it was a complete waste of money,soon or later I'll get it to work ,but not to write music with. This stuff is just not up to the task,unless you are Hans Zimmer and have your personal techs that will fix things for you...

It would be all fantastic if it worked well,but sadly,it doesn't...this stuff is only great to produce music that has already been previously written,not to write music with. Unless you accept constant frustration and stress....I think life is too short to spend behind computer problem-solving.

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