hey guys,thanks to all for the response,good thing I came here before forking out money.

Vagro, I didn't know that Yamaha XG sounds were so bad,so maybe I was overrating them before buying.

jamman, more onboard sequencer features is really what I am looking for,although I do like to use nice styles. I find that they are a good orchestration study

rikki,wow thanks for the heads up about the SD2! I really like the sounds of the SD2 but if I had to waste too much time with tweaking,I'd rather stay with the computer setup.
I am very bummed out about the SD2 underfeatures because it seemed to be the only GM module to cut it with the sounds. As an owner of Eastwest sample libraries (Symphony Gold and Goliath) I am pretty hard to please with the sounds now,because the Eastwest stuff sounds incredible (but had tons of problems with running the programs,which is why I have had it with computers,at least as far as composing demos ,go) .

BTW, tell me,do the GM bank in the SD2 sounds like the main presets? I mean,does the GM bank has the same quality sounds as the other internal banks of the SD2? Or is the GM bank just the average stuff as found on other GM modules?

If the GM bank on the SD2 sounds as good as it's main sounds,I might consider to just using the GM bank,if no tweaking needs to be done.

Or am I just refusing to accept things the way they are...namely, ,that the SD2 is not a very good choice as standalone module for these keyboards?
Your advice about ketting a keyboard with the sounds I like,is very good. I don't really want to spend 400 euros on the SD2 only to be disappointed about the setup later. Ketron should definitely put a darn display on their module!

Another possibility that I am considering is getting a Ketron x4 (it seems to have a decent sequencer),and a cheap weighted-keys keyboard from M Audio.

Do the Korg PA800 has the quality keys as found on their old Triton keyboards?
Thanks Rikki for the great advice aboout the SD2, I was almost buying it yesterday because I thought it would work great with any keyboard and with no fuss.