Hi ,
One of the few brands I haven't owned over the years, only because they weren't as readily available here in Aust. as Korg, Yamaha, Roland.

I wish some of the other companies would go back to producing arranger modules.

The Gem forum on Synthzone , doesn't appear to be very active anymore, but there are a number of users floating round General Arranger forum, so if you have any questions, maybe post on General forum instead.

As for me, I'm a very content Korg PA800 user nowadays, PA2X would have been nice, but I wanted the portability of inbuilt speakers.

I enjoyed the couple of years or so I spent using software arrangers. I had my little setup of dell laptop, omb, & soundfonts
( for style tracks only )working reasonably well. I was slowly putting together xg mapped drums soundfont, to save me having to edit the psr style drum tracks.
My laptop died, had to be replaced with an early dell dual core & my headaches began using the setup that used to run perfectly on my old pc.

I bought a Ketron SD1+, poor style editing functions, so didn't end up suiting me.
( I think that's when I started to check about Gem's)

Bought PSR 1500 instead of a Tyros, because I wasn't sure Yamaha would suit me 100% either.
Bought SD2 ( for OMB ) just in case I sold my SD1, mainly for the Live Drums ( they're close but not 100% identical to SD1 Live Drums, not the same quality either)

And then for me, 3rd time lucky, I bought the PA800.

Hope the Gem works out for you.

If you decide to check into Korgs a bit further, I'm usually floating about here & on the Korg Forums.

best wishes

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best wishes
Rikki 🧸

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