Hi, after making music for 15 years,and using computers for the last 9 years and getting tired sick at their crazy flakiness,I have decided to return to the roots,buying a good arranger keyboard and a digital multitracker.

I study music and I am the sort of lone composer kind of guy (hopefully not for much longer! ). I don't play hotels or ballrooms (nothing wrong with that,of course) ,
I am into a lot of different music,especially game and movie soundtracks.

I have always liked arranger keyboards because of the immediacy at building demos of ideas and experimenting with a lot of chord progressions. You get the idea

The digital multitracker is not a dilemma: a cheap Tascam DP02 CF will do. The arranger keyboard is more of a problem. I don't want (can't) spend a lot but my interest is going toward either a Korg PA500 or a Yamaha PSR-s700.

I feel that the Korg has their usually nice touchscreen ,and the pa500 seems well made. But my feel is that Yamaha seems always to be the leading brand for arrangers.
Which of the two do you suggest,and why?
Now,the sounds are NOT an issue,because I will get a Ketron SD-2 module to use with either keyboard. This module seems to be what I look for because the acoustic sounds seems really good.

My main area of interest is the styles,sequencer features and arranger capabilities. Not so much for live performance,more for private composition practice.

Also,I have some doubts about using the SD-2 with the Yamaha: will it support the Yamaha XG features? I would be sorry to give up Yamaha's XG capabilities because I have heard that it's very good.

Feel free to suggest other keyboards in this price range. I have already tried the Roland E-50. Good keyboard,but not very exciting....the touchscreen wasn't very responsive as the one found on Korg keyboards.

In conclusion,I am looking for a great keyboard with brilliant styles and great sequencer. By the way,the Pa500 has a 'dual sequencer' but it looks like one of these boring and useless ideas....I'd rather have one sequencer with more features.

Wow,sorry for the long post,got carried away