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Your money would be better spent investing into a modern computer set-up! No arranger or module on the market will sound as good as the East-West/Goliath collection.
In addition, most of the computer sequencers available today are 10 times more powerful than any arranger sequencer.

Computers are not flaky if the right hardware is used and setup properly!

Just my opinion!

true,but it's all theory,my friend. Computers will -always- be flaky,no matter what you have or what is your experience.
In almost 10 years of using them,I have seen it for myself. You will always get problems because new stuff is always coming out and you want to get it in your computer. And that will likely create problems

Goliath sounds are killers,that's absolutely true,but with that also comes all the headache: error messages,and all that crap. Currently I cannot use it because it's not working well with my Edirol soundcard,which never gave me problems.

Now,you get all these obstacles when you want to just turn the damn thing on and study and compose. How good is that?
Computers are great,but not for composition. Only to produce a killer product. I will do better composing with a Yamaha keyboard,write all the parts,then export them as a midi file,get them into Cubase or whatever,and substitute the sounds with Goliath sounds. But for writing the music,forget it.....I have had it. Sometimes I am unable to study or practice at all because there's always something that won't work.
I have used Band In a Box,One Man Band....this stuff is not new to me. Hardware is more limited,but the paradox is that it makes you a lot more efficient. Instead of wasting hours figuring out why my ASIO drivers are not working,I could have learned something new,a new piece,a new music concept.

Just ask other users here,like Rikki,why he went back to hardware arrangers. Yes computer are incredibly powerful and ridicolously cheap these days. But they make you pay with stress and frustration. I was making more music 12 years ago with a Kurzweil K2000 and a Korg D12 recorder than with Goliath.
Just the sad truth,for me....

My computer setup is not weak at all....dual core and 2 gig or ram. Nowadays power is not a problem. But reliability and stability will always be.
I prefer to spend some money,have less impressive sounds,but when I turn the thing on,I am pretty sure it won't interrupt me or frustrate me with absurd errors of all kind.