A review is a review chas. I don't care if it comes from keyboard mag or someone who spent several hours on it the store. How you choose to judge the validity of a review is obviously your choice.

However, the problem is people just assume things far too often here. This forum is in written form. So often people are too quick to assume something is arrogant. Keep in mind everyone has a way of putting their words on paper (or the screen in this case.

If we all spoke face to face we probably wouldn't have so many personality clashes here. I don't recall ever taking the positon as "gracing" anyone here with my reviews, as if my word is the almighty.

Geez I was the first one here to report the Yamaha MM6 was an arranger and felt that others here may be interested in this considering this is an "arranger" forum. I even pointed out that I got the confirmation from Yamaha, and I took heat just for doing that. People just take things way too personally here. You make a comment about something you don't like about a keyboard, and some act like you insulted their mother. It just often seems that some members feel they need constant justification from other's that their money was spent well when the only person whos opinion really counts there is the person who bought the bloody thing. However, the moment someone points out something negative BAM! you get nailed with rudeness.

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