Man the more I look at it, and read into manuals ect, I have to say that of the top 3 makers out there, Korg arrangers IMO are probably the closet thing that merges the "synth and arranger". I am very impressed with the voice engine in the PA series. Even the PA-50 has a 4 osc synth engine.

I think Korg is the leader here in catering to the synth junkies out there looking to have both an arranger and a synth in one. I think Roland follows closely behind them, and Yamaha... well they still have yet to get there IMO.

**I'm also talking editig options within the keyboard itself and not editing features that have to be used via external software**

Boy I hope this store I visit over the weekend has a PA-800. I really want to try this unit. They're loaded up on PA-50's though. So I'll get to play with the voice editing on that unit I look forward to it too.

I'm gonna have quite a few reviews to post after this weekend

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