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I found a site with a C64 emulator and LOADS of games (I'll dig out the link if anyone wants it).

I never realised that Way of the Exploding Fist II was the same game as Fist II!

I used to play that game non stop and I've been playing it once again over the past few weeks. I still can't work out what the point of the scrolls is and what's meant to happen once you get all the scrolls- if you could point me in the right direction, Nigel, it would be very cool.

Gee that is stretching my memory a bit back to 1986. I think that the scrolls you get from the temples gave you certain powers such as the ability to breathe in the caves that were filled with that green gas. So it would make it easier to proceed to the top of the volcano. I can't remember what the rest of the scrolls did. I don't recall that they were absolutely necessary to get through but they made it much more likely. I made that volcano level map myself and then did the programming to draw it in the game. At one point I printed out all the screens at work and laid out the whole volcano on the floor at the Melbourne House office, just to make sure it was all OK. It is amazing how much we were able to pack into a slow 64K computer back in those days. You have to be careful of the holes in the cave floors. Near the top of the volcano there is a hole that lines up with with holes on all the levels below and drops you through to the bottom of the volcano where you must start the climb again. Very annoying, but I put that in thinking it was cool at the time. So be careful when you jump over them. If you are playing this on a C64 emulator I'd suggest using a gamepad as the PC keyboard would be too awkward for most games. But you know that probably if you originally played it with a joystick on the C64.

Now the most disappointing thing about the game is that we were so tight on memory so the end sequence when you finish the game is very lame because we just had not enough space for the extra code or/and graphics.