Hi Nigel,

I was using Dr.Tís Keyboard Controlled Sequencer along with X-oR for patch editing. Great package as both programs ran together. Sure it was available for the Atari ST as well.
Iím running with emagicís Logic and SoundDiver hoping it would be as good as the Amiga integration, it nearly manages it, but not quite as smoothly as the Dr.Tís system.

Music X promised so much, but never delivered. Bars & Pipes was ok (ish) but I didnít get on with the graphic interface. KCS for me, I still use it for roughing out tracksÖ.
I believe KCS started life on the C-64 as well, but Iím not 100% sure, so donít quote me on that.

Amiga was being designed by the team behind the Atari 8 bit micros, Commodoreís CEO Jack Trammel (not sure on the spelling) left Commodore, and bought Atari.
So as you said Commodore bought Lorraine Amiga, no doubt to give Jack a bit of a corporate headache. The ST was knocked up quite quickly, and was a pretty darn good machine, and I did give it a serious look when I was buying my 16-bit machine. The Amiga won, just!

The Sonic Energy Authority - a sound investment
The Sonic Energy Authority - a sound investment