I just read your Bruce Lee for the C64 review. It brought back lots of memories. I remember that game having played it many times. I remember it was cool playing the bad green guy when your buddy was playing Bruce Lee. It made for a great 2 player game.

There were so many good games around then. It's a pity Commodore died. They made the mistake of trying to market the Commodore Amiga as a business machine. They should have just packaged the Amiga 500 into a game console which was much better than the Nintendo NES that ended up taking over from the C64. They should have realised after the success of the C64 that the home market was where their success was not small business. They learnt the hard way I guess.

I think you can find all the games for the C64 I worked on C64 enthusiast websites. Melbourne House ended up releasing all their old C64 games into the public domain. I now have downloaded copies on my PC of all the games I worked on.