Well, I must say... this is all very exciting. Who would've thought that one of the guys behind Exploding Fist II would be here in our midst???

But, before I start basking in the glory of Nigel's past life... there's something I have to get off my chest;

This Melbourne House gang- they were the ones behind Classic Adventure- the game that consisted of plain white text on a blue background. The goal in this game was to type in stuff and make your way through the different vibes.

Anyway, I spent months (maybe years!) playing that game and time after time I found myself getting trapped in a "twisting maze". It was a nightmare!!!!

And then... there was this other bit that freaked me out where it said "a shadowy figure is waving". What was the deal with that????

I must have tried everything with that shadowy dude. I tried typing "wave back", "help figure", "kill figure", "eat figure", "fight figure", "love figure", "hate figure" ...and a BILLION other variations. But every time, he just waved back at me as if hadn't done anything.

I know you weren't in on that particualar game Nigel... but after all these years I wonder if you (a guy from Melbourne House) can shed on light on any of this stuff.

Oh yeah... I almost forgot- the vending machine!!!! What in the name of Sam's Hill were you meant to do with that????